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FoxyCart Ecommerce Screencasts & Video Tutorials

  1. FoxyCart 101: From store creation to going live
  2. Getting Started with FoxyCart: Ecommerce in 6 minutes
  3. Customizing your Checkout. Custom Ecommerce Templates using CSS + HTML!
  4. CSS Tricks: Using FoxyCart for eCommerce

Feature Specific Screencasts

  1. Setting Up Taxes. This tutorial covers how you set up taxes for just a specific state. Thanks to for submitting.
  2. Setting up shipping rates. This tutorial covers how you go about setting up the shipping rate options for your customers on checkout. Thanks to for submitting.

CMS Specific Screencasts & Video Tutorials

Wordpress E-Commerce

  1. CSS Tricks: Integrating FoxyCart and Wordpress
  2. CSS Tricks: Advanced Uses for Custom Fields in WordPress (highly relevant to Wordpress + FoxyCart integrations, as described in CSS-Tricks video #56, above)

MODx E-Commerce

  1. MODx + FoxyCart, Part 1: Basic overview of integrating FoxyCart and MODx.

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